About Adult Day Health Care /
Community Based Adult Services

Adult Day Health Care Centers are one of the most beneficial
programs available to disabled individuals, their families, caregivers
and communities.

Former California Governor, Gray Davis, acknowledged: "through
these extraordinary programs Californians are able to maintain
individual independence, self sufficiency, and personal care
capabilities, while delaying or preventing placement in an institutional

For more information on Adult Day Health Care Programs and their
benefits click
here to be directed to the CAADS website (California
Association of Adult Day Services).
What We Do

AmeriCare provides a safe,
structured, and nurturing
environment that allows one
to be at one's best. This
community-based program
is designed to provide
restorative, therapeutic,
social, and health services
during the day for older
adults and persons with
physical or cognitive
AmeriCare Provides Respite for Families Caregivers
Because of our aging population, fifty-nine percent (59%) of adults are either currently, or are
expecting to be family caregivers at some point in the future. Is this you?

Children of aging parents usually have no idea of the resources available to them or even where to begin. Adult
Day Health Care Services can be the service you are looking for to supplement the care that the family provides
at home. It enables caregivers to work and provide support for one’s family while simultaneously caring for the
elderly family member at home for as long as medically, socially and economically possible. Sometimes a reason
to use Adult Day Health Care services is when one of the aging spouses needs respite while caring for husband
or wife, or maybe even an adult child. One of the most common reasons for family to look for help and respite
are dementia related disorders. The causes and rates of progression of dementia vary.

Some of the more well-known diseases that produce dementia include Alzheimer's disease, multi-infarct
dementia, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and Pick's disease. Other
conditions which may cause or mimic dementia include depression, brain tumors,nutritional deficiencies, head
injuries, infections, drug reactions and thyroid problems.Somebody who may have specific needs in the areas of
thefollowing may be appropriate for adult day healthcare services: nursing care supervision or assistance
monitoring medication; therapy designed to restore functioning or prevent deterioration; assistance in self-care
activities; supervision during the day time hours to insure personal safety; and/or help in coping with problems
arising from any physical or emotional challenges.

At AmeriCare Adult Day Health Care Center we provide services to individuals with various medical diagnoses:
dementia of all kinds, cardiac problems, stroke victims, uncontrolled diabetes, depression, mental health
challenges, uncontrolled hypertension, and more. Some of our participants are frail elderly and some are
relatively young adults. All of our participants and their families find at AmeriCare a safe, loving, caring and
happy place to receive appropriate help and support. Our program is known to have unique qualities: projection
of positive energy, inspirational stories of success from participants and their families, a supportive and
nurturing team of professionals, and leadership that is committed and dedicated to enrich people’s lives in a
positive way. Please call us to ask questions, and schedule an appointment with our social worker or request
informational materials to be mailed to you. We want you to experience at least one day at AmeriCare, talk to the
participants and staff, and get a feel of our program first hand. We hope to see that you will find our program to
be an alternative solution and complement care that you already provide. It is important to know that Medi-Cal
and a majority of Long Term Insurances may pay for the Adult Day Health Care Services for eligible individuals.
The cost is very economical for private pay participants, for the most current daily rates please contact our center at (760) 682-2424 or send a request on the 'Contact Us' page.
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Mission Statement

At AmeriCare Adult Day Healthcare Center, we are dedicated to
helping people maintain individual independence, self-sufficiency
and  strive to enrich their lives in a positive way.