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Title 22, Division 3, Chapter 5 outlines the Adult Day Health Care Medi-Cal certifications and
licensing regulations.

Services provided at the center include but are not limited to:

Medical and Nursing Services: medical review, vital signs, administration of medications, glucose
monitoring, insulin injections, wound car, foot care, assistance in personal care, incontinence training,
assistance in toileting, education on hygiene topics, education on disease management and prevention
of disease.  

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy: evaluation by therapists, individual therapies as
indicated, maintenance exercise program, education on safety and injury prevention.

Psychological and Social Services: Psychological and social work assessments, Group and individual
counseling emphasizing social skills and coping skills, mental health symptom management, crisis
intervention, assistance with Medi-Cal or Medi-Care issues, community resource referrals and
collaborations, daily monitoring and encouragement.

Planned Recreational and Social Activities: Cognitively and physically stimulating games, musical
therapy classes, arts/crafts classes, relaxation techniques sessions, field trips, planned activities
celebrating cultural diversity, live musical entertainment, educational lectures, karaoke singing.

Hot Meals and Nutritional Counseling: All meals served at the center are nutritionally balanced and
approved by a Registered Dietician, special diets are provided when ordered by the participant’s

Transportation to and from The Center: Well-trained and caring drivers provide door-to-door service,
alternate transportation can be arranged by center.

Communication with Primary Physician and Families: Communication is an important aspect of
providing successful healthcare. The Center’s medical staff is in constant communication with other
healthcare providers and a participant’s family to ensure continuity of care.  

AmeriCare’s multi-disciplinary team (MDT) is comprised of a nursing dept., medical director, social services dept.,
physical therapist, occupational therapist, and activity director. Based on the participant’s needs, other professionals such
as a psychologist and/or registered dietician and/or speech therapist, may be included to the MDT team to decide and
implement an Individual Plan of Care. The nursing department includes several RN’s, LVN’s, and CNA’s. They oversee
medication management and educate participants on their medication and its side effects. They also communicate with
our participants’ primary doctors as well as their psychiatrists regarding medication, symptom exacerbation, and anything
else concerning health that requires reporting.

At AmeriCare Adult Day Healthcare Center, most of our population is elderly. Our younger consumer participants are
eager to help someone play BINGO if his hearing and sight are not as good as they used to be, or play dominoes with an
elderly gentleman. They also encourage each other to participate in the exercise program led by the program aides and
physical therapy assistants. Forging these types of meaningful relationships would give anyone a sense of purpose and
fulfillment. Everything we do at AmeriCare Adult Day Healthcare Center—from the beginning of the day signing in at the
front desk to the end of the day waiting for transportation home—helps to provide our consumers with the structure,
support, and life skills they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Our population at the center is very multicultural. We currently serve participants that represent many ethnicities including:
African Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, Asians, Middle Eastern and others.


•        Medi-Cal insurance may cover costs for eligible participants.

•        AmeriCare Adult Day Health Care has a vendor contract with the San Diego Regional Center and currently serves   
individuals with developmental disabilities.

•        AmeriCare Adult Day Health Care has a vendor contract with the San Diego County AIS.

•        Long Term Care private insurances cover ADHC services for eligible individuals.

Service Area:
North County of San Diego: Central, Inland and Coastal.

The importance of helping adult individuals of all ages with medical and psychological challenges to remain in their own
homes cannot be over emphasized. Not only does Adult Day Health Care provide needed services to assist and keep
persons from having to be in a higher and more expansive level of care; research tells us that persons who remain with
their family or in a familiar living setting not only have a longer life, but a higher quality of life.
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